Cleaning granulate instead of cleaning concentrate?

The basis of a cleaning granulate in plastics processing is polyolefin. When changing color or material, e.g. from POM black to ABS beige, with a prepared cleaning granulate, the polyolefin comes into the system as the third component.

Cleaning granules in the hot runner

After cleaning, this polyolefin must be purged out of the hot runner again by the ABS. This costs time and material. If you produce the cleaning granulate yourself by mixing the cleaning concentrate into the ABS, no third component contaminates the hot runner or the extrusion die. After cleaning, only the powdered concentrate has to be left out. This means that production of the next plastic article can be started very quickly.

Mixing plastic granules with cleaner

Only with a cleaning concentrate is it possible to use regrind or regranulate for the cleaning process. Every plastics processor produces start-up scrap, for example. Why not use this raw material to clean the machine and mold? Simply grind the scrap and add the required amount of powdered cleaning concentrate. The cleaning granulate is ready!

This also saves costs for the disposal of the plastic scrap!

Cleaning costs with or without cleaning granulate

Our cleaning concentrates are among the strongest in the plastics industry. Many users say: If nothing else helps, use per-tas.

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