Advantages of cleaning concentrates

Universal and versatile usage

Universally usable concentrate

As a concentrate, our chemical cleaning products are universally applicable and can …

Chemical or abrasive cleaning?

Where others cannot reach!

With our cleaning concentrates and cleaning granules, you can also reach and clean flow dead zones in your machines, hot runners and extrusion dies due to the foaming effect.

This prevents black specks, ensures flawless color changes, and guarantees compliance with the highest quality standards for your customers.

Cleaning granules or concentrate?

Up to 200 kg of cleaning granules can be produced from 1 kg of powdered cleaning concentrate!

1kg = 200 kg

If you do not want to mix your own cleaning material, we can also supply ready-to-use granules in combination with our cleaners in the optimal mixing ratios. However, with our concentrate you are more flexible.

Regulate the cleaning power by simply dosing more or less concentrate. In this way, simple and difficult color and material changes / cleaning processes are finalized in the same time with the same amount of material.

Our cleaning method is environmentally friendly and conserves resources, because regrind or recyclate in combination with our cleaning concentrate can also be used for cleaning.

All the advantages of chemical cleaning at a glance

Benefits compared to the abrasive cleaning granules:

  • Cleaning of flow dead zones:
    Due to the foaming of the chemical cleaner flow dead zones are reached and cleaned

  • Adjustable cleaning power:
    By dosing more or less of the concentrate depending on the difficulty level. (Dosage easy: 0.5% / Dosage difficult: 3.0%)

  • Shortest cleaning processes:
    By cleaning the flow dead zones and adjusting the cleaning force

  • Lowest material consumption:
    Due to shortest cleaning processes

  • Cleans all surfaces gently:
    Due to the chemical, non-corrosive and non-abrasive effect of the cleaner

  • Low maintenance costs:
    Due to non-abrasive, non-corrosive cleaning

  • Low storage and transport costs:
    Up to 200 kg of cleaning granulate / grinding material can be produced from 1 kg of cleaning concentrate (container 13 x 13 x 20 cm)

  • No third component:
    Since the cleaning concentrate is mixed into the plastic to be produced with. After cleaning, leave out the concentrate and produce

  • Low mixing costs:
    By adding the cleaning concentrate to the granulate or regrind

  • Environmentally friendly and resource-saving:
    Through the use of regrind (e.g. grinded start-up scrap/sprues). Simply mix regrind and cleaning concentrate to make ready-to-use cleaning material


The most sustainable, environmentally friendly and resource-saving cleaning material in plastics processing

Due to these properties, we can claim:

  • Energy-efficient due to fastest cleaning on basis of the adjustable cleaning power and cleaning of flow dead zones
  • Material-efficient due to lowest scrap during and after the cleaning process
  • Resource-saving due to the use of regrind/recyclates and only up to max. 3% cleaning concentrate
  • Environmentally friendly due to lowest transport costs
  • Wear-efficient due to non-abrasive and non-corrosive cleaning of metal surfaces
  • Personnel efficient due to shortest color and material changes