17. October 2022

Advantages of cleaning concentrate

Every plastics processor is familiar with the problems involved both in the cleaning process and in changing colors or materials. Cleaning can be done very quickly, but usually it takes several hours. This also means that cleaning forces of different strengths are needed.

Strong cleaning by means of cleaning concentrate

Different cleaning power can only be generated with a cleaning concentrate. This means that less cleaning concentrate can be added to the plastic granulate in simple cases and more in difficult processes. This way, simple and difficult cleaning processes are carried out in the same time with the same amount of cleaning granulate. Only the amount of cleaning concentrate varies. Cleaning processes with prepared cleaning granules require more material and a longer time.

Cost of cleaning

By adapting the cleaning power to the different degrees of difficulty of the cleaning processes, costs are thus already saved with the cleaning granules. The costs for the ready-to-use cleaning granulate PP/per-tas are between 4.22 €/kg and 9.40 €/kg at a PP price of 2.50 €/kg. This is because only 0.5% to 2.0% of the powdered concentrate is required.

Cheaper than with a cleaning granulate

This means that the average cost of a ready-to-use cleaning granulate PP/per-tas is 5.95 €/kg. Many cleaning granules from competitors cost over 12 €/kg. Therefore, it is most cost effective for the user to set this cleaning power himself.

1 kg cleaning concentrate = up to 200 kg cleaning granules!

With 1 kg of cleaning concentrate the user can produce between 50 kg and 200 kg of cleaning granulate (dosage 0.5%-2.0%). A 1 kg container has the dimensions 13 x 13 x 20 cm. Transport and storage costs of such small containers are much lower than those of pallets of prepared cleaning granules. Even the mixing itself generates only negligible costs.

Cost saving

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