Kunststoffgranulat - Reinigungskonzentrat Kunststoffindustrie - Schnecken, Extruder und Spritzgusseinrichtungen reinigen.

Conventional cleaning processes in the plastic industry are time and cost intensive. Screw, barrel, injection molds, hot runner, dies, … have to be cleaned extensively under a great material loss until defect-free products can be produced.

With our purging agents ver~rus®, sol~pur® and per~tas® we ensure quick change of material and colors. This saves time and reduces the scrap costs. In addition the non-abrasive effect of the chemical purging agent protects the surfaces of screw barrel, hot runner, dies, … and increases the life time.

Where other purging agents cannot even perform

With our chemical purging agents you can clean all dead zones in hot runner, dies, machines, … Therefore you can ensure a perfect coloring without any inclusion of foreign objects and fulfill the highest quality standards.


  • Lower purging costs
  • Less repairing costs of screw, barrel, hot runner, dies, …
  • Faster defect-free products
  • Less scrap
  • Considerable saving of time
  • Satisfied customers

One product line for all cases

Universal applications – one product line for all cases

Our purging concentrates are universal applicable. That means they

  • can operate in all temperature ranges (130°C – 150°C)
  • be used for all applications (injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, ect.)
  • be applied for all plastic materials (PVC, PE, ABS, POM, … PEEK)
  • clean all metal surfaces (coated surfaces, polished surfaces, …) due to the nonabrasive effect
  • purge every hot runner (needle valve nozzle, open nozzles, …)

Also no parameter variations are needed, whereby the purging process is further shortened.

Our range of products

Purging Concentrates

per~tas®, sol~pur® and ver~rus® for mixing with any raw material of your choice.

Purging Granulates

Each raw material mixed with one of our purging agent in the necessary concentration can be produced and delivered.