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References from leading companies

Leading companies (machine manufacturers, color batch producers, toolmakers and manufacturers of hot runners) recommend the purging agents from the company ver~rus.

The chemical purging agents are cleaning all metal surfaces carefully and avoid abrasive stress.

Due to the nonabrasive purging the maintenance costs stay low.

Empfehlung von führenden Unternehmen der Kunststoffindustrie - ver-rus - Reiniger für die Kunststoffindustrie

Short delivery times

Lieferung innerhalb 24 Stunden - ver-rus - Reiniger für die Kunststoffindustrie

We are focused on purging of the plastic manufacturing process and engineering services.

Therefore we are able to deliver within 24 hours all over Germany and by 2 – 3 days in nearly all foreign countries.

Less storage and logistic costs

50 – 200 kg purging compound can be produced by using only 1 kg purging concentrate. By the effective working of our concentrates you only need a dosage of 0,5% -3%.

The costs for the mixing are marginal. At the end a cost advantage is given.

Increase the OEE

By using the purging agents from ver~rus the OEE index could be increased in many companies.

The availability factor and the quality factor could be increased up to 20% due to faster color and material changes and due to reduced scrap rates.

The efficiency factor can be increased up to 7% because of a faster injection velocity, caused by clean and free flow canals and nozzles.

Zeit ist Geld - ver-rus - Reiniger für die Kunststoffindustrie

Time is money

Conventional purging methods are time-consuming and therefore expensive. Extruder and injection molding machines have to be cleaned intensively until perfect products can be manufactured.

With our purging agents the color- and material changes can be carried out much faster with less waste. The machines will be available quickly for production. For example the purging time can be reduced up to 80 % by using per~tas®.

Knowledge and understanding

We consider ourselves as a service provider in the plastic manufacturing industry and offer trainings for your employees in your company.

Based on our long lasting experience of purging different machines, extruders, molds, hot runners, dies, etc. we can set up individual purging concepts for your production.


Food grade certificate

All three purging agents are certified as harmless for food. This means you can also clean machines and tools that produce food packagings or medical plastic parts.

Food grade certificate

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Free demonstration

Free demonstration
Gladly we demonstrate the performance of our purging agents on your machines for free. Only what is seen convinces. On request we generate an individual purging concept for you and calculate your possible cost savings.

Calculation of purging costs

Sample Calculation - Save ... - ver-rus - Reiniger für die Kunststoffindustrie

Purging costs in comparison

In the following table a conventional purging material is compared to per~tas® based on several tests.