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Success stories


Purging die has been cleaned in a few minutes

Blow molding

By only 3 cycles the color change in a blow molding process was finished

Black spots

Black spots are no longer a problem after purging with per~tas. Only 10 minutes to a saleable product!

Planetary gear extruder

Even a planetary gear extruder has been cleaned with per~tas within only 20 minutes.

Food & medical industry

The purging agents from the company ver~rus are allowed to clean machines, molds, dies, etc. that produce food packagings or medical products.


Before and after – it´s not a fake! A customer sent these pictures of the screw before and after purging with per~tas,

Big molds

Erfolgreiche Anwendung - große Werkzeuge mit Mehrfachanspritzungen - ver-rus - Reiniger für die Kunststoffindustrie

Also big molds with several hot runner nozzles were cleaned in a short time.

Hot runner

Heisskanal - ver-rus - Reiniger für die Kunststoffindustrie

Even after multiple cleaning of the hot runner in the tool shop, it could only be produced with three of four cavities. After purging with per~tas (5 cycle times) all 4 cavities were running.

Color change

Deckel - ver-rus - Reiniger für die Kunststoffindustrie

Only 7 cycles to switch red into white fasteners using the purging agent from ver~rus

Extrusion blow molding

It only takes a few minutes to change from black to transparent in the extrusion blow molding process by using per~tas.


Extrusionsblasformen reinigen - ver-rus - Reiniger für die Kunststoffindustrie

Cleaning 6-layer extrusion dies in best time with our purging agents.

Difficult cases

Erfolgreiche Anwendung - schwierige Anwendungen - ver-rus - Reiniger für die Kunststoffindustrie

Also such difficult cases has been cleaned with the cleaning agents of ver~rus in a short time.