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Purging compound or purging concentrate?

Comparison of cost

With our purging concentrate the costs for your purging compound are entirely in your hands. Depending on the degree of difficulty of the purging process a specific amount of purging concentrate is mixed into the granulate you are going to use for the next production. The costs for the completed purging compound PP/per~tas are somewhere in between 3,30€/kg and 9,88€/kg. Thereby the costs for PP/per~tas will amount to an average of 6,60€/kg. Using the purging compound on ver~rus basis the costs will level out between 2,63€/kg and 6,53€/kg. The average costs for the purging compound PP/ver~rus are 4,58€/kg.

Several purging compounds of our competitors cost above 10€/kg. With our compounds we are far below that.

Adjust the purging power and already save money at the purging compound.

Each cleaning process needs a different quantity of cleaning power, therefore it is most cost effective to only use as much cleaner as necessary. Every producer of plastic items knows best the different degrees of difficulty of his cleaning processes. Why should he always clean with the same power (completed purging compound) in case it is not necessary? Using a purging concentrate you have the possibility to charge more in difficult and less in easy cases into the granulate. Thereby easy and difficult processes can be cleaned at the same space of time by using the same total amount of mixed purging compound. Only the concentration of the purging concentrate is different. Completed purging compounds need more time and product to clean difficult processes.

Purging compound - ver-rus
Depending on the difficulty level of the cleaning process, you mix more or less of purging concentrate into the granulate.

Costs of the total cleaning process in comparison to finished compounds

Our purging concentrates count as very effective in the plastic industry. They say: “If nothing else works, only per~tas will help”. It is not only very convenient, it also offers a lot of other price advantages like:

  • Low waste costs during and after the cleaning process
  • Low material costs due to a fast cleaning process
  • Fast material-/ color changes or removal of black-specks and thereby short machine downtimes and small personal costs
  • Low maintenance costs as a result of non- abrasive cleaning
  • Low storage and logistic costs owing to the application of space-saving concentrate
  • Low cleaning frequency needed because of the impregnation effect
  • Universally applicable and therefor only one cleaner needed
  • Faster cleaning process by reason of no parameter changes

A third component in the cleaning process is not necessary – why?

Most purging compounds are based on a polyolefin. During a material / color change (for example from POM black to ABS beige) with a finished purging compound the third component polyolefin is added into the system. The polyolefin must be purged out after the cleaning process with ABS. This needs time and causes additional costs. If you produce the purging compound by yourself, no third component will be added to the system. After purging you only have to leave the concentrate out only and you are able to start production quite fast. The costs for the mixing are mostly insignificant.

Mixing impossible?

Some companies do not want to mix the purging compound by themselves. This is no problem, we do the work for our clients. In a few experiments we determine the required concentration of the cleaning agent and define the basis material. With these specifications we deliver customised purging compound in 25 kg bags.