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Conventional cleaning processes in the plastic industry are time and cost intensive. Screws, barrels, injection molds, hot runners, dies, etc. have to be cleaned extensively under a great material loss until defect-free products can be produced.

With our purging agents ver~rus®, sol~pur® and per~tas® we ensure quick change of material and colors. This saves time and reduces the scrap costs. In addition the non-abrasive effect of the chemical purging agent protects the surfaces of screw barrels, hot runners, dies, etc. and increases the life time.

Where other purging agents cannot even perform

With our chemical purging agents you can clean all dead zones in hot runners, dies, machines, etc.. Therefore you can ensure a perfect coloring without any inclusion of foreign objects and fulfill the highest quality standards.


  • Lower purging costs
  • Less repairing costs of screws, barrels, hot runners, dies, etc.
  • Faster defect-free products
  • Less scrap
  • Considerable saving of time
  • Satisfied customers

One product line for all cases

Universal applications – one for all

Our purging concentrates are universal applicable. That means they

  • can operate in all temperature ranges (130°C – 150°C)
  • can be used for all applications (injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, etc.)
  • can be applied for all plastic materials (PVC, PE, ABS, POM, PEEK, etc.)
  • can clean all metal surfaces (coated surfaces, polished surfaces, etc.) due to the nonabrasive effect
  • can purge every hot runner (needle valve nozzle, open nozzles, etc.)

Also no parameter variations are needed, whereby the purging process is further shortened.

Our range of products

Purging Concentrates

per~tas®, sol~pur® and ver~rus® for mixing with any raw material of your choice.

Purging Granulates

Each raw material mixed with one of our purging agent in the necessary concentration can be produced and delivered.

ver~rus, sol~pur und per~tas - ver-rus - Reiniger für die Kunststoffindustrie