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The company

The company E.S. Evelyne Schulz was established in 1998.

The first purging concentrate ver~rus achieved significant success with color- and material changes on plastic manufacturing machines, molds, hot runners, extruders, dies, etc.. A constant further development resulted in the purging agents sol~pur (2004) and per~tas (2007). A respectable client base was built up with this product portfolio.

We are able to modify new special purging agents adjusted to customer requirements in a short time. Engineering services can be provided since the entry of Christiane and Dirk Schulte in the year 2015. Dirk Schulte took over the company in the beginning of 2017. He continues the business with the company name ver~rus.

Engineering services

With engineering services to cost benefits

Additional to cost benefits by using our purging agents, we support you by optimizing the total process of color or material change. This will save even more money due to less machine downtime, less material and purging agent usage, even faster color and material changes.

With our 25 years of experience in the plastic manufacturing industry, we can offer different engineering services:

  • Reduction of set up time
  • Reduction of cycle time
  • Process optimization in order to reduce scrap, energy costs and costs for maintenance
  • Mold validation

Success that convinces

All engineering services are offered on success basis. That means you only have to pay if the project was successful. Without success you only have to pay a small expense allowance (travel expense, any accommodation costs).